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Administrative & Volunteer Groups

Community Team
The Community Team is a team managed by several volunteers and dedicated to our users. In order to join this team an application must be filled out and accepted by a Creator; in some cases a user may be invited to the group by a Creator. Tasks include welcoming and assisting new users, coming up with games and contests on the forum, and organizing events or holiday celebrations on the chat. If you love getting involved and have lots of enthusiasm and ideas, this is the team for you!
Artists in Residence
Artists in Residence are volunteers that promote the arts here by creating artwork together, providing some free artwork or services to users, organizing art-related activities or events, and nurturing the artistic talents and interests of the community. AiR members are responsible for creating event prizes, taking free requests for art or services.
In the future we would like our AiR team to be able to provide tips, tricks, and techniques for our users.

Volunteer Team Heads
There are currently two Volunteer Team Head positions, the “Head of AiR” and “Head of Community Team”.  These two are in charge of ensuring the volunteer teams are working at their full potential and that events/requests are being completed and executed properly.

Initiates are Admins in training… if you become an Initiate, you will be trained in various ways to help the users and get an introduction to everything going on behind the scenes here at Serenity. You will also be helping our other Admins with their work, they need the support! After spending a length of time as an Initiate, you can opt to become a full-time Art Team member or Peacekeeper, but it is not required… you can always stay as an Initiate and be an all-around helper here at Serenity.

Art Team
The Art Team’s job is to manage all of the artwork on the chat, website, and forum. Tasks include reviewing all uploaded avatars and private rooms, organizing our art gallery on the forums, creating new artwork for the chat, assisting users with their artistic growth, and helping keep offensive or stolen material off of Serenity. You do not need to be a professional level artist to be on the Art Team, all skill levels are welcome, you simply need a good eye, love of art, and good work ethic.  Art Team positions are only open to current Initiates (see above).

The Peacekeepers are here to keep the chat and forums safe, organized, and welcoming to our users. Tasks include managing the forum, assisting the Creators, managing membership, and conflict mediation.
Please note: this is not a “chat police” job, Peacekeepers are only allowed to use their kicking/banning abilities in extreme situations. Petty arguments and bad attitudes do not fall under that category… Peacekeepers want to help and want to keep you on the chat, not ban you from it, so if you are having problems with another user or feel uncomfortable on the chat, let them help you. We believe nearly all issues can be worked out with patience and understanding.  Peacekeeping positions are only available to current Initiates (see above).

Roleplay Moderators
Roleplay moderators have the same job as PeaceKeepers, however these team members are more involved in roleplay and will work to address user concerns from minor complaints of cheating or not playing fair to serious issues such as bullying and threats.  Roleplay Mod positions are only available to current Initiates (see above).

Head of PeaceKeeping
The head of Peacekeeping oversees all of the PK teams to ensure they are working smoothly and are acting as a team.  The Head is responsible for pairing Initiates up with their trainers as well as handling any problems within the team itself.

Our Creators oversee the entire chat and make sure everything is running smoothly on all ends.  This includes communicating with users to ensure a great experience, reporting bugs and other issues to the coding team, and handling the various necessities of up keeping the chat and website. They have a lot of responsibility and are very busy, so it is recommended that if you have a question or concern you ask one of our other staff members before taking it to a Creator.
Only the Owners are Creators.

Who’s Who?

Teetonka – Owner
Linaeve – Owner

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