What is ‘Project Phoenix’?

Project Phoenix is the ‘codename’ for the process of building Serenity Isles, a 2D Avatar Chat, from the ground up. Everything that we do in preparation for launching the new site is part of Project Phoenix!

What will Serenity Isles be?

Serenity Isles will be a gathering place for creative individuals; a place for people from all walks of life to come together and share ideas, talk about their interests, and form new friendships.

When does this open?

Right now we’re aiming to open early access in Summer 2015.  You can follow us for updates!

What is an Avatar Chat?

An Avatar Chat is a little bit different than other text-based chats, it adds a visual element so you can interact with the people around you and the world of Serenity in a new way.
Users are represented by an “avatar”, an image that they are able to move across the room.  We offer several free-to-use avatar sets, which are customizable to allow you to express yourself as you’d like. Just select a set of images that you like and choose the colors you want for it, and you’re ready to start chatting!
Avatars can also be completely custom, using artwork you made or have the rights to.
The rooms themselves feature gorgeous landscapes in diverse settings.  The wide variety of landscapes available to chatters gives people plenty of choices for where they want to chat.  Take a look around, find your favorites and make yourself comfortable.

Can I use artwork I didn’t make?

You don’t have to draw all your custom avatars; we know not everyone can, not to mention its fun to get, and use, artwork created just for you!

When uploading any custom assets, such as avatars, room landscapes, and props, we require users to state they have permission to use that artwork. Never upload artwork you didn’t make, purchase, or receive!  Uploading artwork you aren’t allowed to use is considered art theft and won’t be allowed here on the Isles. If you aren’t sure whether you can use a piece of art, ask the artist to be sure – and respect whatever decision they make!

What about copyrighted characters?

We ask that you do not upload fan art of copyrighted characters or include them in your room landscapes or props.
We do, however, allow users to make and upload their own characters belonging to a copyrighted species.  In this case we follow a 20% rule: the uploaded character must be 20% different than the official character(s) of that species.
The best way to determine if its allowed or not is to look at your character and question if someone who isn’t familiar with it would be able to recognize that your character isn’t the official one. If they can’t tell the difference right away, it’s probably too close to be allowed.

Are there any other limits on personal avatars?

You can be anything here at Serenity, we don’t limit you to only certain animal species, or to animals at all!  While most of our default pose sets are animals, your custom avatars can be anything you’d like, whether that’s an animal, a humanoid, or an inanimate object.
Do you identify with a certain animal species, use it as your avatar! Would you rather trek around the Isles as yourself? Go for it!

What does this cost?

Absolutely nothing.  Using the basic chat is free and all of our avatar sets are free as well.  Our users are also given a certain amount of free slots upon registering, to get a taste of what you can do with the site.
If you stay active on the chat you can earn Karma which you can use to upload assets.
*Due to the chat being in development, we have not finished the currency systems*
Once finished the site will feature both an earned currency, known as Karma, and a purchased currency, known as Opals.  You will not need to purchase Opals to use the chat, although Opals will get you special features!

Is there an age limit?

To use Serenity Isles you must be 13 or older.  As such, we ask that you keep topics appropriate.
If you’re 18 or older, and need a getaway, we’ve got you covered.  There’s an entire Island just for users 18 and older; these rooms don’t require your language to be family appropriate, but please be mindful of others in the room when discussing certain topics (this goes for all rooms).

Got another question?

Send us an ask over on our tumblr, you don’t need an account!  We’ll be sure to answer any asks we receive as soon as possible.