All administrators of Serenity Isles are subject to the following policy:

•You May Only Be An Admin On One Chat•

Serenity Isles feels that in order for an administrator to properly focus on their job they must only administrate on one chat.  This means that you can not be an administrator of Serenity Isles (gamma or higher) while administrating on another chat (ranks depend on the chat’s system).  If you agree to administrate another chat, while still on Serenity’s staff, a Creator will email you to remind you of the rule and ask you if you wish to remain on Serenity’s staff.

•Be A Part Of The Team•

Our staff are a team; we work as a team.  This means we try to discuss any rule changes thoroughly with all current staff members and listen to all opinions.  When it comes to working with the chat we all chip in with the work and share between one another (upping bans, adding to threads, getting logs, etc).  No one is doing this job alone, we all work together.

•Be A Role Model and Be Professional•

Users see that you are a ranked user and will look up to you.  When chatting obey all the rules, if a user sees you spamming they will think its okay for them to do too and then wonder why they are getting in trouble for it.

By obeying the rules yourself you are being professional, but please try to keep a professional attitude while “on duty” (dealing with users in public).  This means to avoid cursing users out, avoiding becoming visibly irritated with a user in need of help, and keeping a good attitude.  You are a representative of Serenity Isles and should remain professional whenever dealing with troublesome users or situations.

•Avoid Playing Favorites•

We all have friends on this chat, but please avoid allowing your friends to break rules while in public rooms on the chat.  If you feel you can not handle a howl/report as it deals with someone you know, try passing it on to another administrator.

•Ask For Help and Give Help In Return•

If you are having trouble with anything, please ask someone! We all run into problems now and then and need either a second opinion, someone to guide us through something, or someone to come in as backup with a particularly difficult situation.

If someone asks you for help, give it!  Remember they may be helping you out some day.  Again, we are a team so help out your team members.

•Be Friendly and Have Fun•

When meeting new members act friendly and welcoming towards them, a user is more likely to enjoy themselves if they feel comfortable around administration.  Several users tend to think we are always looking to ban someone, prove them wrong!  Try to encourage conversation, greet people who enter the room, and remember to have fun! You are a user on this chat, it is important for you to enjoy yourself!

•Keep It Confidential•

Just because you can see information does not mean you can share it.  Administrative discussions are not to be shared with non-staff members!  Likewise, you may not share information regarding bans, ignored lists, logs, etc., with those not involved (ban details may only be shared with admin and the person banned).

•Ask the Creators•

The Creators are here to help you with any problems you may be having as an administrator.  If you feel there is a problem within the team, have a problem with a certain admin, are concerned about a rule, or are just wondering how you are doing feel free to ask a Creator!  Creators are concerned with team members and want to ensure that everyone works together without any problems arising, to do this you need to be comfortable asking a Creator for an opinion or be comfortable just talking to them. sipariş