Welcome to Serenity Isles!

Thank you for visiting out chat, we’re very glad to have you here!
We’re sure you have a few questions, we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

Obviously, not everything will be covered in depth here, this is to give you a quick idea of what Serenity is and what to expect here.

What is Serenity?

Serenity Isles is a 2D-Graphical Chat that is a part of Chatlands, at the core, but we’re so much more than that!  We are a community filled with artists and appreciators, one made of people from all walks of life.  We’re here to make friends and have enjoyable conversations, to look at art and to create things together, to grow as a community.  The Owners here have forged bonds they hope will last for life, we only want the same for our users.

What is a 2D-Graphical Chat?  And what is “Chatlands”?

A 2D-Graphical Chat is much like any text-based chat, however it adds a visual element.  When you enter a chat room, its not a screen of solid color that meets you, rather you’re placed against a gorgeous landscape.  You are also represented by more than your username, there will be an image above your name that is used to represent you in this world.
Chatlands is a chat-client and a host for a variety of chats similar to Serenity Isles, but featuring different administration, rules, and artwork.

What is the image above my username?

The image above your name, the one used to represent yourself, is called an “avatar” or a “chat pose”.  For free users we have several default sets for you to choose from, and you can use our color sliders, or color codes, to create your avatar.  This allows you to customize your avatar however you’d like, the combinations are almost endless, and you’re sure to have something that really represents you.  For paying, or “subscribed”, users there is the option to upload your own poses.

How can I change this image?

When registering for Serenity you’ll only be given the option to select a color (white, black, brown, or yellow).  This will force you into our default set for Serenity.  When you’re signed up and ready to get chatting you can change your avatar set by clicking on “avatars” from the map, or by hovering over “Map Links” and selecting “avatars” (both shown here!)  When in chat you can type “!go poses” (without quotation) and the bodyshop will open in a new tab.  From the bodyshop, simply select the colors you’d like to use by using the color map provided, using the color sliders, or inputting color codes.  When its all finished click “save” and you’re all done!
Our sets on Serenity all feature 6 spaces for color.  Some of our sets use less than 6 colors, but we insert spacers into the set.  These “spacer” colors will not show up on that set, however we use them to ensure that colors remain uniform across all sets…so there’s no need for you to be constantly changing your colors when you choose to change sets!
There is a short video clip of accessing and using the bodyshop here.

How do I move around?

There are two ways to move around in the chat room, either by clicking an area on the chat or clicking-and-dragging your avatar to that point.  Dragging is typically more accurate, as you can see where your image will align.

How can I change my pose?

If you click on your avatar a menu will appear; this menu lists all the poses available for use.
You can also group your custom poses to make it easier to access them.  There is also an option to view a preview of a pose when you hover over its name, this can make it easier to see the image before you select it.

What are subscriptions?

When you think of a subscription you probably think of something you pay to receive for a specific amount of time.  Unlike many subscriptions that may last for long amounts of time, for a month to a year for example, Chatlands’ subscriptions instead charge you a certain amount of “deltas” daily depending on your subscription level.
Subscriptions give you more on the chat.  On certain chats subscriptions unlock extra pose sets, however here at Serenity all our sets are available for free users.  The only extra you’ll get with a subscription here is the ability to upload and use custom poses and chat rooms.

How can I get deltas and what are they?

Deltas are the form of currency used around here.  You can use deltas to fund your subscription or to commission artists who accept it.  You can purchase deltas from the “My Account” button on the map.
If you’re an artist you can also make deltas through commissions.
Sometimes people will sell deltas on the forums as well, usually these deltas are sold at a discount.

Is chatting all you do here?

The chat is definitely the main attraction here, but no, we offer more things for our users to do!  We host a variety of events on the forum and we also have an Oekaki board.  In the near future we will likely also offer live art lessons through the forum, brought to you by our Artists in Residence team.
We are currently working hard to create more fun things for our users to do, we’re open to any suggestions!

Am I allowed to Role Play here?

Of course!  Several of our rooms are label with (RP), meaning they are rooms open for role playing.  Please keep role play to these rooms only.  We also have a role playing section on our forums!

How can I contact an admin?

A list of admin online shows up in the top right corner of the map, so you’ll know immediately upon logging in whether admin are active online or not.  If you should ever need to contact an administrator, be it because a user is causing trouble or you simply have a question, you can click the “report” button on chat to pull up a list of online staff.  Just click a name and send them a “whisper” (a private chat message)!
If you need help and no admin are online, submit a problem ticket by clicking “Tech Support” from the map.

Can the rules be summed up?

They sure can!  Basically the first rule of Serenity is “treat others as you’d like to be treated”.  This phrase probably seems familiar, its used a lot in the “real” world, but its what we base all of our rules on.  As long as you treat others, and yourself, with respect you’ll avoid getting into trouble here.  The only time an admin will be called in to mediate problems is when someone starts to disrespect someone else.

What are the art standards?

Our art standards are the same now as they were four long years ago, when Kesame originally owned the chat.  Kesame wanted her site’s art standards to be loose, so that almost all art was accepted for use on the site, regardless of style or talent.
We’ve kept it this way for years.
Our standards allow:
Flat colored poses
Pixel poses
Animated poses (ask an Alpha about getting one!)

We don’t require the levels of shading most chats do, we don’t restrict users to a certain style.  You are free to create and put your art all over our site!
The only things required are:
Permission to use that artwork
No loose pixels
Correctly sized
Mirrored (a left and a right side)

Is there a theme or certain restricted species?

Again, we’ve kept it the way Kes made it!  We allow all species in every public room (we can’t speak for anyone’s private room); we also allow inanimate objects.  You can be anything from a domestic dog to a tiger to a dish washer to a human.
Use your imagination and express yourself however you’d like!  We refuse to restrict your self-expression to one species type only.

Helpful links:

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