As a privilege for our older members Serenity Isles now allows 17+ rated poses.  As always we expect our members to be respectful and mature when using these poses and hope that they follow all rules written within.

Rules of “R-rated” poses:

1. R-rated poses are ONLY allowed in the 17+ rooms, anyone found using an R-rated pose outside of the appropriate areas will be asked to change poses. Refusal to change to an appropriate pose for the 14+ rooms will result in a kick and a warning. If you are warned 3 times about using an R-rated pose outside of Serenity Classic the poses will be removed from your use.
2. Please use R-rated poses appropriately and maturely. As a general rule pairing poses up so they appear incredibly sexual in nature will result in your being asked to change poses or stop using it in such a manner. Again, a warning will be given and on the third warning the pose will be removed from your account.
3. Respect other users while using a R-rated pose; using a pose to deliberately make someone feel uncomfortable may be treated as harassment and result in a warning.
4. If someone asks you to not use a pose around them, it would be polite to respect their wishes. However, do not expect someone to change poses because you’ve asked them; if they refuse to change poses you may stay in the room and tolerate their pose, or move to another room. Again, if you know your pose makes someone uncomfortable do not tease them or deliberately use the pose when they are around in order to make them feel uncomfortable as this is a form of harassment.

What we allow in “R-Rated” Poses:
1. Tasteful nudity
2. Heavy gore (blood, guts, etc)
3. Drug paraphernalia (this means things like bongs, pipes, blunts, etc., with no obvious drug use).

What we don’t allow:
1. Erections
2. Sexual fluids
3. Fondling / sexual positioning
4. Drug use (smoking, injecting, snorting, etc)
5. Violence/threatening gore (aiming a gun at someone, holding someone’s head/corpse, etc)
Poses will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Uploading your R-Rated pose:
1. To upload an R-rated pose you must first prove you are of age to use/view these poses (17 or older).
2. To make things easy on our art staff, all users who wish to use R-rated poses must submit proof of age along with proof of permission
3. If you are found to be under 17 any R-Rated poses will be removed from your account and you will not be allowed to use them, or enter Serenity Classic, until you are the appropriate age.

Proof of age:
The following are acceptable as proof of age:
dA/FA/Facebook/Myspace profile with age clearly shown
Ability to view the 17+ forums (just link an admin to your forum profile and they will see what you can view)

Proof of Age must be provided for the first 3 times an R-Rated pose is uploaded to your account. By the first pose admin will have added your name to a list of users who have provided proof of age; however should you be skipped over we ask that you provide proof for the first 3 poses.

Our rooms are clearly marked with either 14+ or 17+ in the titles. R-rated poses are only to be used in the 17+ (Serenity Classic) areas. If you are under 17 and are entering Serenity Classic our administration is not responsible for you viewing R-Rated poses. Entering a 17+ room while underage is against our rules and you will be removed, rather than action being taken against those of age in the room; those 17+ are entitled to the use of R-Rated poses.
By entering any 17+ room you are agreeing that you understand the rating of these rooms and understand that the poses/conversations in these areas may be meant for older users and therefor unacceptable for children/those under 17.

These rooms are like R-rated films, if you are not 17 or older you should not be entering.

Misuse of an R-Rated pose:
Using an R-Rated pose is a privilege, not a right, we give to our older members.
We expect users to use their poses in a mature manner, respecting the personal opinion/space of other users and ensuring poses keep to the rules and are not being used together to create explicit scenes.
Misuse of an R-Rated pose may result in the pose being removed from your pose list and/or the privilege of using R-Rated poses being taken from you.
Repeated offenses may result in a temporary ban being placed on your chat account.